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Improvements to Podio's Google gadget

With email being a fairly fundamental part of most people's day-to-day business workflow, it's very useful to have the Podio contextual gadget embedded in Google Apps email, but it could be so much better for Podio/Google Apps users and their many and various uses of Podio with the following improvement.

Not all emails need managing in Podio but for those that do not all them need a task created. Perhaps more common is the need to add the body text from an email to a particular app item.

It would be so useful to have an extra button alongside the Create Task button that posted a new comment to the app item selected in the gadget. That way, any important correspondence related to an app item is kept very simply rather than having to find the item in Podio and then copy and paste the information across.

Whilst I know that the third party Podio Tools provides a solution for this type of requirement, as I said not all emails need capturing in Podio so the above would be a simpler and more manageable solution for many users.

Also, it would be good to have the text formatted correctly from the email in the gadget rather than it being lumped together as just text. Please could that be fixed?

Peter Lunn

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