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  • DJ Carey

    This is a great suggestion and one I hope the Podio team implements. I'm on a 2560x1600 monitor and Podio still forces me into a tiny little 1440px column so I have to constantly scroll. A fluid width that extends beyond 1440px doesn't seem like it would be that hard to implement since they already have a fluid framework built in.

    One other suggestion, if we can't have full-size fluid width, how about putting the navigation bar in the fullscreen view so I can jump around to different sections. Fullscreen Podio looks absolutely amazing on my 30" monitor, but it's practically worthless when I'm jumping between apps because I have to keep maximizing and minimizing the pages.

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  • DJ Carey

    Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Podio is so great at cataloging and managing huge amounts of spreadsheet-style content, but it shoots itself in the foot by not displaying it using all the available screen real-estate.

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  • Gustav Jonsson

    Thanks DJ and Leonardo, I've asked the rest of the team to take a look at this. 


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  • leonardo aloi

    waiting for a native layout adjustment from PODIO, I have written a small javascript bookmarklet to adapt the current table view to large screens.

    Go here:


    and paste this code:





    Now click on "Convert to bookmarklet" button, and drag the blue "this link" button on the browser  bookmark bar. Modify the bookmark name in something like "P-Wide" (PODIO WIDE).

    When you are in Table View and your browser is open to fit a large display, just click the bookmark "P-Wide"  to override the 1440 pixel-width constraint set by Podio  - and enlarge the table view to the full display width.

    This is a trick I tried on Chrome, but as it is strongly dependant from the HTML and CSS  structure generate by podio, and by the browser type, do not rely too much on it! 

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  • Manan Shah

    Thanks Leonardo. This trick helps quite a bit till Podio address this natively.

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  • Christoph Dingler

    the code changed: now just try this bookmarklet:



    it´s the result from this code



    But please Podio-Team make it as a standard-view or give us some accesible view options :-) everything else is so great in Podio!

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