Separate app editing from comments within app items in notifications



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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    We made a small step towards more granular email notifications by separating notifications for events/meetings in this update:

    Still some way to go but at least your team members can specifically select event notifications (these options were embedded in other settings in the past).

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Amy Turner

    Yes. Exactly. Too many notifications grouped together. It would be so helpful to create more customizable settings for notifications. I'd like to see it possible to turn on or off desktop, app and/or email notifications for only this or that. For example, turn on/off notifications for Tasks. Turn on/off notifications for different kinds of Activity. Turn on/off notifications for Comments. Turn on/off notifications for Messages. That would ROCK! Thanks for considering!

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  • Kelly Johnson

    How can we turn off this notification element?

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  • Alyssa Cowan

    I definitely support this! We're trying to figure out how to get notifications without all the noise. Please put this one your radar!

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