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Private Items

It seems permissions are set at the Workspace level. This is good architecturally, but in real-life collaboration with clients, sometimes you want to communication with a fellow Employee within the context of that workspace or app that you're working in and have it be private, rather than shared with all workspace members.

This has applications when using Podio as a help desk, CRM, Project Management, or really anything that Podio does! It's kind of the achilles heel of Podio so far that we've found. We love the flexibility and customizations, we love the architecture, but in this way the permissions schema is rather lacking.

Feature request: share any item or comment with a specific person, or even Employee Network, versus all Workspace members.

YJ Tso

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Please advise when do you plan to implement this feature and please let us know in more certain terms.

There is a lot of interest in this functionality. Multiple request have been placed for many years now.


Vio Achim 0 votes

I created coaching App. However, I want some of the of the coaching sessions in private. Is there now a way to do this?

Nino Torres 0 votes

Hi Nino Torres,

The best way would be to keep an app in a private workspace for those specific private items. We currently don't offer a good way to hide things.

Perhaps you can also use the Share feature to share specific items and keep others private in the workspace?

Here's a few tutorials on how it works:

You can also watch the video here:



Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes