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I miss a simple separator line or a non-editable text field to organize and group the form in blocks of interests

Patricia Strasdas Alves Answered

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I've just created a work around for this. NB this is only useful after the form has been saved once as it uses the form to create the line.

I am just starting to learn js and use it in Podio, so there may be a way to reference text fields, but this is how to reference to a number field where you know the value will be greater than 0 after you create the item. Create a calculation field where you want your line to be (I've called mine 'Do not fill below this line'). Put the following in the calculation field and reference to the relevant number field:

if ([number field]) > 0) {
text = '---------------------------------------------------';

Hope this helps.

Oliver Shepherd 1 vote

Taking oliver's formula, it worked but need small modification. The semicolon is not needed also one of the brackets in the beginning.

if (@Number field > 0){ text = '=========== SEPARATOR ===========' }

Jayraj Berde 2 votes

I just discovered that one can use Markdown ( and Unicode characters in the text of a calculated field. Also, the field name for the calculated field can contain Unicode characters, and they don't have to be unique.

So taking Jayraj's idea a little further, I've come up with this, which is a nice visual separator:

if(@Name != '') {text='# ░░░░░░░░░░ FORMS ░░░░░░░░░░'}

Name is a text field (which is required, so it will always contain something).

Then I've named the calculated field ░░░░░░░░░░ which means I get a nice separator across the whole page.

Barry Kukkuk 3 votes

For me the best option here would be to put fields into separate Sections.

Those Sections can then be shown in different tabs for each Item.

Going even further, users can then choose which tabs they want to see and even re-arrange the tabs.

So for us then, we could have sales people see one set of tabs for a customer, while support people can see a different set of tabs for the same customer.

That would be really powerful.

Barry Kukkuk 2 votes

Randy D, its an ellegant solution! How you do this? Share with us... =)

Patricia Strasdas Alves 1 vote

Randy D's image is a mock up of the design he would like to see: it is not currently possible to replicate in Podio

Pete Cuff 1 vote

We ended up creating a Chrome Extension that works with the headings in our app:


Barry Kukkuk 2 votes

Barry Kukkuk, is this extension released publicly? I would love to utilize what you have done here! Looks great. Please share!

Steven Lawson 1 vote

Hey everyone! 

Barry gave me the idea for the extension. so i decided to create it myself.

To put it simple, any CALCULATION FIELD gets placed into this format.


I have converted it and uploaded it into the Chrome Web Store.


Extension Link:

Updated: June 12, 2019


Podio currently does not offer a section break for Podio.
In order to use this extension.

Create an APP with a calculation field.

My Setup :
1. Modify Template
2. Create 'Text Field' named 'Separator'
3. Change 'Text Field' to 'Always Hidden'
4. Save Template
5. Reopen Modify Template (you do this so it saves the separator field)
6. Add 'Calculation Field'
7. Inside 'Calculation Field' enter 1 or 2 choices below:

if (@Separator!=''){'Custom Header Info\n===\n'}

if (@Separator!=''){'Custom Header Info\n===\n' + 'additional information'}

8. Verify that the entry below has a blue '@Separator', otherwise it wont save
9. Save Template

With this plugin installed you should now have a blue separator.

Steven Lawson 1 vote