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    Mette Frøkjær Hansen

    This is possible with the "repeating tasks" function that allows you to make a task repeating on a weekly, monthly and yearly scale. It is up to you if it is set to repeat every day or a specific day.

    You find this feature in the "recycling" icon in the bottom of the tasks box.

    - Podio

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  • Amanda L. Sage

    Not only would I like bi-weekly recurring tasks, but also bi-weekly as an option when creating reports/saved views on the apps.  For example, I have to run reports every 2 weeks for my employees' payroll, but because I can't do it automatically, I have to go in and do it via custom dates, which is very time consuming.

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  • Dora Narvaez

    Why not add all the recurring options that are available on the calendar type app to tasks?

    This will cover bi-weekly and so much more.


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