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    Charlie Lindstrom

    Hey guys,

    We have some great news to share today! You can now print any page in Podio from your browser. With this release it is now possible to for example print a filtered view of certain app items and get it on print, looking exactly like it does in Podio.

    This has been a very popular request and we are very exited to launch this to you! Please let us know you think and report any issues or feedback to us in Support.

    Have a good and productive day!

    Charlie - Podio

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  • Charles Jackson

    I agree with you about the report/analytic confusion. (I voted for the printing feature too.)

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  • Justin VanDervort

    When I try this it auto-crops the columns and content does not fit. I can export - but it exports all columns so that is too cumbersome to re-filter everything again (and you don't get the professional look). I also really need to be able to print the reports page.

    Also, can you add a batch print option? After selecting each Item I want to print, there could be a nice little button next to the delete button for printing purposes. Then it print the beautiful one-pager that you have developed for each item.

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  • Charlie Lindstrom

    Hi Justin,

    You can print a report already today :-) To do so hover the cursor over the report you want to print and click on the wrench in the top right corner. Do you find it?

    For the bulk print items - that's a great idea and I can see that would be cool. We heard similar requests before and I'll make sure to add your vote on it. Thanks for feedback - always appreciated!

    /Charlie - Podio

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