Many use google doc - at folder level...



  • Riël Notermans

    Yes, attach a Google Docs folder to an app-item.

    We do this now using the API, but Built-in would be better to have 2-way sync. Just list the attached drive items as files and upload files directly to drive.


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  • Tara Leung

    It would be great to have a true integration with Google Docs, rather than simply linking individual documents to an item. I want users in my company to be able to access entire folders relative to certain tasks, projects, and workflows. Right now we are using a work-around by using Google Docs to manage our files and inserting links to shared folders in Podio's activity stream. Would love to be able to create a direct Podio directory that syncs with Google Docs, or at least a way to upload files as well as individual documents.

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  • Willem Dewulf

    Hi Niklas,

    Our backup solution for Podio offers a daily sync to a secured Google Drive folder.

    • For each of your Podio apps, we create a seperate Google Sheet document. 
    • On a workspace level, we also sync your comments, tasks and files

    You can find more info on this here:

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