Responding to non Podio users, such as via a webform entry.



  • Santiago Carrillo

    crm functionality would be improved so their is tracking on communications, proposals, calls.

    event functionality would be improved so their is a way to communicate with event participants not in podio

    hr functionality would be improved because you could contact candidates right from the app.

    I could go on...

    if internal emailing is not an option, then linking to mailchimp, google mail, or something on that sense would be nice.

    even the ability to copy multiple email addresses from table view would make life easier.

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  • Kapil Pershad

    Thats really weird. When someone filled out our form online, I did not get an email notification. Probably

     a setting or something but everything looks right

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  • Jesper Ottosen

    Here's a partner story, that does some helpdesk integration.

    Still replying to webform entries could do with some considerations. After some manual task and what-not the submitter probably want a reply - by mail. ..

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  • Mette Frøkjær Hansen

    Hi all,

    We agree that emailing from Podio would be relevant. You can use this extension to make it happen or build a solution through the open Podio API

    It is currently not on the roadmap to integrate a solution for it in Podio.

    - Podio

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