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Task chronometer


I have difficulties to track my activity each day, i just jump from one project to another frequently. It's just not easy to know at the end of the day how long i've been working on what. I always forget to note my hours properly.

So I though that it could help (me but also other people like me) to have an overlay button in a bottom corner of the screen, which would allow us to switch from a [ project > task ] to another, or to pause the activity. This would activate a persistent chronometer on the task and/or timedsheet. I think it could be very helpfull to keep track of the time we consume on each project.


Maxence Cabezon

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I´m in the same desperately need!!! A personal time chronometer/widget linked to "projects" or "tasks", with a start/stop function.

Carina A Oestlund 0 votes
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