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google drive - change view to normal

it's strange view implemeneted in add file from google drive. it is all files view not standard tree view. please change this. 

i want only same approach as in sharefile, etc. not more.

in this google drive view all files showing in root and also in folders. 

not usable anyway seriously.

Norbert Bede

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Can someone translate this for me?  I have no clue what he's asking for.

Bob Hatcher 0 votes
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Bob !

the issue is already gone.

When you start attaching a file from google drive in older version, the default view's set as google view [All Items]. This view includes all files and folders on the same root level. This was very annoying.  More users were complaining, and this was changed.

When you open attach file now and click on Google Drive, four options are available: All items, My drive, Shared with me, Starred. IMO my drive view is de-facto standard.

Norbert Bede 0 votes
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