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How can i logged in as user rather than as app? i want to get all members of my space using function PodioSpaceMember::get_all($space_id); but i am getting error "Uncaught PodioForbiddenError: "Authentication as app is not allowed for this method"... ". I found that this error is due to trying to logging as app. i have to logged in as user. can anyone tell me how can i logged in as user and how can i find my client id and client secrets?

Jeremy Nagel Answered

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Hi Jeremy,

You find your client id and secret here:

You control how you authenticate. When you call Podio::authenticate you specify the authentication type. If you call that method multiple times the last one counts. If you get the error that you are getting you are indeed authenticated as an app and not a user.


Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes

Hey Andreas, thank you for your reply. i have got my client id and secret from url provided by you. but when i tried to get members of space using this url i got valid response and all details of my space members but when i tried using api call like below 


i got different json formate. where i made mistake? any idea?

Jeremy Nagel 0 votes