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  • chrismaandhika

    I already get my answer and I will share it to you a sample code to filter by app field.

    int companyFieldId = 1234;

    int targetCompanyItemId = 5678;

    int employeeAppId = 98765;

    AppFieldFilterBy appFieldFilterBy = new AppFieldFilterBy(companyFieldId);

            ArrayList<Integer> appList = new ArrayList<Integer>();

            appList.add(targetCompanyItemId); //Item Id

            FilterByValue<List<Integer>> byValue = new FilterByValue<List<Integer>>(appFieldFilterBy, appList);


            ItemsResponse response = itemAPI.getItems(employeeAppId, 100, 0, null, false,byValue);

    The example above used to get employee item list that has a reference to company item with company item id = 5678. The companyFieldId value is the Company app field id in Employee App.

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