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Can podio be available for Windows Phone platform? I can help in designing app.

I am a windows phone user, and an AIESECer from IT and ELectronics background. Being from AIESEC India and Vietnam I am a premium user of Podio, and want it to be there on my phone Nokia lumia 800(Windows phone 7.8) .

I also develop apps, if I can help I would love, but I just want to ask are you working on it?

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akshay sharma Answered

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I also hope podio will be available for Windows Phone in the near future. If anyone has any information about that, please share.

Miha Grešak 0 votes

I inquired about the same.  Below is the response I received from Gustav Johnson from Podio support :


"Hey Stephen, good to hear from you! 

Thanks for the kind words about Podio, very appreciated. 

About a WP app; we're not currently developing one but we do see user demand for it rising and this will be taken into consideration when we look at the roadmap for the future. 

You're not alone in wanting one, just so you know :) "

So, nothing in the oven right now for us Windows phone users, unfortunately.

Steve Christy 0 votes

In Italy 13% of Smartphones are Windows Phone..  we would like Podio for WP

Fabrizio Porciani 0 votes

I would love to get it as well! It might not be about the existing customers only, it is also about new ones you will get through this platform.

Mathijs Provoost 0 votes