Using Podio as a backend for web and mobile apps



  • Johan Vosloo

    Ha! I've just started using Podio and that's exactly what I've got in mind as well.

    I'm going to help a company establish an "XRM" on Podio and then build advanced webapp modules in a separate webapp - using the core data from Podio.


    I would be greatly interested to hear if you proceeded with this plan and if so how it's working out for you.



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  • Oliver Sjostedt

    Daniele, I am also looking to use Podio as a backend tool for a new website and app I am building, more within the community management field. Did you manage to get it to work, and got any tips for us just starting this project?


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  • Rob Berman

    Hi. I'm also interested in how you got on with this. I've been thinking about using Podio as a back end, possibly using the webforms for data entry but representing the data on the front end on the web. I'm interested to hear from anyone who has done this.

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