How can I share my task list with my boss?




  • Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    Hi Pasqual,

    It sounds to me like you should be using a Podio app to manage your tasks and not the built-in tasks system. By setting up an app you can easily share status between all members in your space and your boss can get an overview in one place. The built-in tasks in Podio are meant to be a personal tool while the apps are really great for anything team-related. This might be a good starting place if you haven't seen it already:

    All the best,


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  • Dt

    No Pascal, adding another app creates unwanted complexity. I have tried it.

    PLEASE consider amending your approach to this, multiple forum threads exist on this very topic, and the Podio response has been to assume that we need to make things more complex instead of simply allowing this basic functionality. Not appreciated. Why expect us to fix this? My company is about to sign up, and they have asked me why the very convenient task list can't simply be shared.

    They have asked why I have built a separate tasks app. I have answered that Podio provides the explanation that we are the problem, as we want something that Podio doesn't, by instructing us to create a replacement for the in-built (and very accessible, useful and appreciated) tasks solution

    Can you not see how the global task function could be even better when teams are able to see each others' tasks? Building a separate app means another click, another step, a layer of tasks not viewable as easily as the current list. 

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  • Linda Linder

    OK...I'm in a similar quandary... I want to share a task list with a team, via email (as a reminder prior to a meeting) and can find no way to export it, print it (so save as .pdf), nothing. It seems like the built-in tasks system should have some mechanism to share outside of Podio (or even for the part of me that wants a piece of paper on my desk).

    Also, while I'm at it... The gigantic task list on the Activity page is useless. I have more than several workspaces, all containing more than several projects, and each with specific tasks assigned. On the Activity page, the tasks just show up as a running list, with no way to sort/filter based on project.

    I'll try the separate "tasks" app--but wonder why the built-in app is so, ummm, shall I say, useless in some respects? Otherwise, I'm really enjoying my experience with Podio.

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  • Jose Villamediana

    Hey, why nobody at Podio has given a final answer on this? We need this functionality.

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  • Chris Clark

    Podio, please build this in if you haven't already. This is a good tool for teams.

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