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Bulk update items?

We would like to update like 200 items in one API call. Is this possible (like setting a category field)?

For now the only option I see is uploading a file and import it. But I am not sure it will update or add items. 

Riël Notermans Answered

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Amen to this feature.

Seems like it should be fairly automatic that anything you can handle large amounts of data with, should be able to make bulk updates/edits.

Like others have mentioned, it's not even a matter of exporting into excel, making the change, reimporting with clean data (which is terribly time consuming) because you can't even link relationships or contacts to an item from an import.

Please, please, please Podio. It's been 4 years since you said you were looking at a bulk update feature.

Beth Barbaglia 0 votes

So after 4 years, it looks like nothing has been done. In the mean time,  I figured out a temporary solution that is much faster than updating one by one. Export your data to excel, select the column you want to change, (you can sort by column as well) change all that are needed, then import back into podio. 

chayse lundgren 1 vote

Let's go Podio team, you can do this! You added GlobiFlow and that's great. Now we need this bulk item update. Relying on the SuperBetter menu is not a good way to do it. 

William Noel 0 votes