Use PUT command to update multiple choice category



  • Christian Holm

    Hi Riel

    You can just just [1, 2, 3] directly as that is the short form. The long form would be [{"value": 1}, {"value": 2}, {"value": 3}]


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  • Callserver

    I found the last option to work.

    I found a small bug, being able to push   [{"value": 1}, {"value": 1}, {"value": 1}] accidently ( a script is taking the original values). IF you do that, the category is good, but the table-view shows this (see attachment).

    It should only be possible to show M5 and/or M3 and/or M1, not a lot of M5. When I turn M5 on and off via podio it resets okay.


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  • Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    Thanks Riel, I believe we have fixed the little bug you found (if not it'll be handled soon). :)


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