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Apps - building on top of Podio

Hello Everyone,

I want to make sure I am not missing anything obvious. It looks like there is no way to build actual logical extensions / apps on PODIO itself (meaning running on my dashboard). Right now I only have access to the build an app area that is basically a form editor. If I want actual logic within my app how would I go about that?

The best I can find is the API functions which look to be for 3rd party alterations, i.e my website wants to submit a ticket or I want my site to do x when a webhook is triggered.

So, in short - is there a way to developer logical apps within podio itself or is this only available using the API on an off podio situation? A good way to describe is what Sales Force allows me to do, develop in APEX code right into their system so I can do some really custom things on top of salesforce.


Jim Parrish

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One option you have is to build a Google Chrome extension that runs when you are in Podio. You can edit all of the page contents, including inserting javascript, and of course CSS and HTML. Going further, your Chrome extension can take data from Podio, run it through a 3rd party API (for example, taking an address and getting the Zillow price) and then publish this data on your Podio app.

Elaborating further, you can have the Chrome Extension actually upload this information into Podio via the Podio API, as opposed to have the data "hovering" on top of Podio via the Extension.

You can probably hire someone on Odesk who can help you do this.

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