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Update user profile property with .NET Helper API

I have been trying to use the .NET API to update user properties via an ASPX web page and it doesn't seem the code is complete so I am trying to use the Helper code to do this.  I am not very skilled in REST/JSON so I am probably missing something very simple, however when trying to pass a key and attribute value to the API, I always get errors no matter what I try.  In the code below, what would the Helper code require for the "data" parameter?  From what I can tell this is some kind of attribute but it isn't clear to me what the data type should be. I am just trying to do something simple like update a phone number but it has turned out to be a huge challenge.

            Return PodioRestHelper.JSONRequest(Constants.PODIOAPI_BASEURL + "/user/profile/phone", accessToken, data, PodioRestHelper.RequestMethod.PUT).Data  

Cyrus Christian Answered

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I finally got this to work, I need to pass a List of Phone number items...I eliminated the /phone poriton of the URL too.  There may be a way to directly update the property but for now this is working for my testing.  I didn't realize this was a multivalue field until I looked closer at the Contact field values/data types. 

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