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Date filtering in Tasks


I was trying to filter Tasks on some datetime fields (f.e created_on), but the docs doesn't state how to do it. It just links to filtering area (, which is not publicly visible.

I've tried really hard with all obvious or not obvious combinations on GETs (GETs always get "The values are not in the right format") and even POSTs (which are not even stated in docs, but at least it seems to do something, but always crashes on "Invalid filter body" or alike.)

Can you please tell me how to filter on such fields (f.e including date ranges)? Im using python bindings (talking about this, why is python lib so old, incomplete and even not instalable via pip?), but all I need to know is how to send those GETS or POSTs.

Yours desperate



Jan Florian Answered

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We deprecated our GET filters for items a while back because the syntax is not so nice to work with. As a part of that process the filter documentation was renamed to 'Views' and converted to have examples using the new syntax.

All that to say I'm sorry we have some broken links as a result of that. Tasks have not yet received a make over that will allow you to filter using the new syntax via a POST request. You will have to use the old GET request format.

That documentation is here: 

Specifically look under the "{key}" parameter where you can see a daterange example.

E.g. if I were to get a list of tasks assigned to myself that were created in the last two weeks of January I would do:

GET /task/?created_on=2012-01-14-2012-01-31&responsible=3

I hope that helps,


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