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Authorization - Webform vs. native

And the saga continues.  I'm pretty sure I know the answer but ... here goes.  So I've written a service that checks an app periodically (every x minutes) for:

  • items in an app where a particular Category field = 'New'
  • If I find items matching the filter I grab 'em and fire up an integration that slams them into a foreign (Jama Contour) system
  • I then update the Category field to a value of 'Submitted' so the service will ignore it the next time it fires

My service uses App authentication.  If the item is submitted via a Webform all is well when I try to update the Category field.  If submitted by a user via the native Podio app the update fails complaining about permissions.

This breaks my entire concept.  Please tell me that I'm approaching this all wrong or I'm overlooking something obvious.

As always, thanks.

Rich Stoldt Answered

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Your assumption is correct. The 'app' doesn't have update rights on that item. If you go to modify your app you will find an option called "Let members edit items in this app" in the "Interaction" section. Turn that on and everyone should have update rights.

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