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Define created by a spec. person from API

Hi podio team !

We playing with external application integration trough API. We are allready sending some data from an external source and create items in a specific app succesfully now. We are connect and operate trough API with user lets talk "User A" but in source app item was created by person B or any more hundreds.

We want to show on podio item creator not API user but like: 2 days ago by "B person" (creator from external app)

please share yours experience.


Norbert Bede Answered

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So you want to authenticate as "User A" and create the item, but want to display in Podio that the item was created by another name at an earlier time?

That's not possible. You will have to create Podio users with the same name and authenticate as the user with the correct name to achieve that effect. Perhaps you should rather use app authentication, then it will say "created by [app name]".

The timestamp will always show when the item was created in Podio, it's not possible to change the timestamp via the API.

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