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How to get app_id of an item after it has been deleted?

I wrote a hook for an app item delete. Hook posts details of item which has been deleted to the hook URL which doesn't include app_id. How to get the app_id of the deleted item there? 


I tried get item API request with item_id, but got following request

{"error_propagate"=>false, "error_parameters"=>{}, "error_detail"=>nil, "error_description"=>"Item has been deleted", "error"=>"gone"}

Harish A Answered

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You cannot get the app id of a deleted item, since you cannot load a deleted item.

Since you setup web hooks separately for each app, we assume that you know the id of the app in your own code. If you have a generic url that gets called by web hooks for multiple apps, you should vary the url slightly e.g. with a querystring that includes the app_id.

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