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What's the best way to suggest or contribute client library changes?

While using the Ruby client library, I noticed a few (minor) missing things.

For example, 

When creating a task with reference on a space (Podio::Task.create_with_ref) there is no silent parameter to pass into the method.


When getting a summary of tasks by reference (Podio::Task.find_summary_for_reference), there is no limit parameter.  That also applies to the other nearby summary methods.


For the second one, I could do everything right on GitHub: fork, create a patch branch, add the necessary code, commit, and submit a pull request right back to you guys.  It was so easy (thanks GitHub!), that I just did it.


However, I wanted to see for the future if that was the best way to go about this.  Does it fit into your development workflow?  I don't want to inconvenience you guys :)  

Let me know, thanks!

Matt Anderson Answered

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Hi Matthew,

For contributing to our client libraries creating issues and pull requests directly on github is the only way to go. Keep the pull requests coming. :)


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