Approving and editing timesheets




  • Casper Fabricius

    Sorry, we don't support spreadsheet style editing of multiple items. It's on our long list of features we'd like to add at some point, but I can't promise you will see it anytime soon.

    For your use case, the inspectors would have to edit each item (row) individually. If you set the app up to use the table view, it should be fairly easy for them to click the rows they want to change and then inline edit the values in the slide-out panel.

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  • Bev Kaufman

    I too need an easy interface for entering time so that it can then be exported to our accounting.  The keyword is EASY, meaning minimal work on the part of the person doing the entry.  Once the initial information is entered (User and work week), all the user should have to do is entering:

    a. day work was done

    b. amount of time spent

    c. project id

    d. short description

    This suggests a parent-child relationship, in which the parent is the employee and work week, and only has to be entered once.  That's not what I'm finding with the Timesheet app, and when I went into app builder, the only thing I could do was remove extraneous fields.  I couldn't change the underlying structure.

    Would there be a default property that could automatically set those fields to the previous entry?

    Is this the sort of thing I could build if I understood programming language and how to access it?

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