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Autonumber on Apps.

I am trying to migrate from Ms. Access, some applications. One thing that i am having problems is to manage Codes and Autonumbers. I have an application with probably 200.000 lines and to find a specific line without a specific code is a mess. Wish that Podio could generate a AutoNumber  Field, so we could have an code for each data. 

I know that it does, but is not searchable. How can i work with that?

João Neto Answered

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When you add a new item, you can supply an external_id which is any string or number that can identify the item in relation to the data you are importing. This id will not be shown in the Podio interface, but you can use it on subsequent runs of your migration code to get already imported items.

Casper Fabricius 0 votes

The need for the autonumber is for the internal use.

In the specific case, i am bringing a table with tons of data. When creating new data at other table, the relationship with this first table would need an code, or something so people can distinguish between similar lines.

As podio just show one field when retrieving data, is difficult to know wich data use, when you have a lot of common data.

João Neto 0 votes