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Import to MySQL, how to?

I want to update items in an app with information from another database and from other apps. I've got a (example) workspace with Customers, Projects and Issues and I want a filter on all issues from a certain Customer. And if I mail to the Issue-app, I want to fetch the Project number from the e-mail subject: '[1234] This is an issue from project 1234'.

I would like to import all the items from a workspace to a MySQL-database, so I can find the Customer from each Issue.

My issue list has about 15.000 records, so importing takes a lot of time (and memory on my server). What's the best way to import all items to MySQL? Is there a way to only grab the new or recently changed items from an app?

Stephan Vierkant Answered

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I'd recommend you do a one-time export where you get 500 items at a time - that's only 30 calls in total, so that will keep you well under the rate limits. Once you've done that, you can set up webhooks listening to item.create and item.update, and create/update your MySQL data accordingly.

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