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Podio App to pull content off a third party site (Get Satisfaction)

Hi there, 

We are working on building an integration to Get Satisfaction (community / forum platform) and I'm having a bit of a hard time following how I would get this accomplished.  Here is what I would like the App to do: 

1) Create custom fields that map to the Get Satisfaction topic (DONE) 

2) Map fields to API calls to Get Satisfaction 

3) Synchronize, or schedule these API requests into Get Satisfaction 


Is there a way to do that in Podio? We have an open API at Get Satisfaction and I just need to pull in new topics as they come in. The alternative would be to build webhooks from GetSat to Podio, but this would be far easier. 




Don Baron Answered

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As I understand it, you'd like to synchronize topics in Get Satisfaction with an app in Podio both ways, so when it's changed in Podio the topic is updated in GS and the other way around?

And since you work for GS, you'll probably want to do this in a generic way so all your users can use the integration if they want to?

As may have seen, we have some integrations to ZenDesk, Freshbooks and a few more services. The bad news is, we built these integrations and there is no way for "outsiders" to get an integration into Podio in a similar way.

Good news is, you can build the integration in GS and get exactly the same result: Syncing between the two services. Here is what I suggest you do:

  1. Implement server-side authentication with Podio in GS
  2. Allow users to select the org, then the space and then the app they want to synchronize with GS
  3. Do a one-time sync between the Podio app and the relevant GS topics
  4. Setup webhooks to call GS whenever something changes in the Podio app
  5. Call into the Podio API from GS when ever topics changes in GS
  6. Share the Podio app to the app market with instructions on how to setup the integration in GS
Casper Fabricius 1 vote
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Casper , 


Thank you so much - these are great guidelines. We have one joint customer for whom we will build a proof of concept. We'll incorporate several of the steps here in the prototype -- if it takes off we'll make sure to build it into the product for wide distribution.  We'll keep you in the loop!  



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