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Get items of app


I´m trying to create a application with java using the API that is on

I able to connect the application with podio using the OAuth Client Credentials with the next code:

ResourceFactory resourceFactory = new ResourceFactory(

new OAuthClientCredentials(clientId, clientSecret),

new OAuthUsernameCredentials(username, password));

APIFactory apiFactory = new APIFactory(resourceFactory);

I could get all the organization, workspaces and app each, but when a try to get the items of one app i get the following exception:

Exception in thread "main" APIException [status=Forbidden, error=forbidden, description=The user with id 723261 does not have the right view on app with id 703732, parameters=null]

Can you tell me why I can get the data of organizations, workspaces annd app, but I can not get the items of an app!



Federico Gómez

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