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Drag n Drop email from Outlook to Podio


Just wondering if you guys will create the possibility to drag n drop an email directly from Outlook to Podio, as an attached file.

Frederik Answered

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any answer to this old question?? 

Or maybe this connection could be made by addressing (as CC) to a certain email address (like all emails that have to be connected...

Waiting for a prompt reply

Cristiano Lancerotto 0 votes

No there has been no answers from Podio regarding this, and I would still suggest it to be quite relevant.

The goal for me, and I guess also Podio, is to simplify workflow processes, and of course you can adapt your communication process to use Podio as preferred communication and collaboration platform with selected customers,but you can't get around the fact that email is still the preferred communication tool, especially when you are in B2B.

Podio really lack some UX functionality and especially drag n' Drop enablement e.g. Outlook, which would make it soooo much easier, than having to copy all corrsp. from each email into selected workspaces, it takes up administrative time, which should not be the case with a tool like Podio.

MSO is still the preferred business platform on a global scale, and Podio can either choose to adapt, or maybe loose future customers on functionality.

I being one of them, even thou I'm very keen on Podio.

Podio is like any other tool under the scrutiny by users, and if they don't keep it interesting and easy to use,  users will loose interest in their platform and choose someting else, and the easy (creature of habbit) choice is to roll back to MSO.


Frederik 0 votes

I don't think this is possible. There are security restrictions that prevent drag and drop from a desktop app to a browser. The only way to get an outlook (or thunderbird etc) message to the browser is if you first drag n drop it into a file manager window and then drag n drop it again from there to the browser, or you need a native desktop app to allow this function, which also adds another weird step. The only effective way to achieve this in Podio is if Podio creates a full-blown native desktop application for each OS, which I don't see happening.

Andreas Huttenrauch 0 votes