Creating status via API - using @user notation?



  • Christian Holm

    I am actually not sure this is documented, as we honestly didn't expect anyone to integrate so deeply. We have some documentation we could make public. The syntax is inspired by Markdown, and is f.ex. as follows:

    @Christian Holm

    So it is an @-sign followed by the name of the user in brackets and the reference to the user in parentheses.

    Just put this in the status or comment text, and the rest is automatic.

    Hope this makes sense.

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  • Hendrik Wiese

    Absolutely. Thanks!


    Yeah, we're using Podio to organize our project pretty extensively for a web application that gathers all necessary information to provide a neat overview of the project's progress and currently unoccupied team members. Podio's API is really great for such a purpose. Actual purpose of the automatically posted message is to inform the corresponding members of their idle status and to instruct them to apply for occupation.

    Anyway, thanks again for the advice! It was a great help. 

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  • SiresWeb

    So I'm using this to create automatic Status updates while tagging certain users. I'm going from Zapier to Podio. Is there a chance you're doing the same?
    If I'm referencing "Joe"
    would I type?
    Thank you @{{joe}} for your report.

    Again I want Zapier to automatically update this.

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