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Get tasks in .NET - response=unauthorized

I'm trying to get all tasks **( in our organization, but the only response I get is:**



I've tried authenticating as user and app, but none seems to be working. I only get the error above.

I request the following: /task/?files=false&limit=50&offset=0&org=XXXXX&sort_by=rank&sort_desc=false


My code looks like this:

string requesturl = Podio.API.Constants.PODIOAPI_BASEURL + "/task/?files=false&limit=50&offset=0&org=XXXXXX&sort_by=rank&sort_desc=false";

var response = Podio.API.Utils.PodioRestHelper.Request(requesturl, client.AuthInfo.AccessToken, null, Podio.API.Utils.PodioRestHelper.RequestMethod.GET);


Any ideas for help?

Jesper Lund Nielsen

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