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Getting an Error in Scrumboard installation


I am getting an error while login in podio scrumboard on aws here is the url is

"There was an error. The API responded with the error type At least external_id or space_ids must be set and the message At least external_id or space_ids must be set"

Can you help me in point what I am missing? I have attached the config file herewith.

Anil Konsal Answered

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In our app, our experience means this points to some security issue... in our app it usually means the user doesn't have Admin access to the workspace we are dealing with.

@Podio - can you consider changing this message to say something to that extent... :)

My personal pet peeve with 95% of software:  Incoherent error messages that neither tell you exactly what is wrong and don't provide any suggestion as to what to do to fix the error.  

Patrick Steil 0 votes

This is because the configuration file is not complete. There are no values for all the apps. Please see the installation details on

As for security exceptions it is extremely difficult to explain why a certain user or app does not have the rights to do a specific action. In many cases there is no bi-directional relationship between a right and the underlying configuration. F.ex. you might not be able to comment on an item because the item is not shared with you, comments are disabled, the item is deleted, the app is deleted, the space is deleted, you are not a member of the space, etc.

Christian Holm 0 votes

In addition to what Christian pointed out about the incomplete configuration, you must also make sure that you are using the legacy version of the PHP client. The sample scrumboard will not work with the new version. Download the legacy version at 

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes