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Error Message: clients with a trust level of 2 or higher

One of our API calls for a particular client is receiving this 403 message from Podio:

The API responded with the error type forbidden and the message Only available for clients with a trust level of 2 or higher

What is "trust level 2" (or higher)... Were there any security model changes in the API lately?  This looks like a new error message?


Patrick Steil

Patrick Steil

Official comment


There are a few API operations that requires a manual upgrade of your API key. This is one of them. We handle those things via support so you can safely do what the error message says and contact support. Please provide:
The client id of the API key they are using
The email of the Podio user who owns that API key
The name(s) of the specific API call(s) where they are planning to use with the increased trust level
A detailed description of their integration and why they need the increased trust level.

Please note we only provide the increased trust level for partners and customers we know and trust. We will not provide 2nd level access for everyone.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen
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Hi Patrick

On which call and with what parameters/body are you receiving this error message?


Christian Holm 0 votes
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