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Contact synchronization


I work in a company that make web projects. We have a customer who asked us for sincronizing their data from our project with Podio.

We have a database of dealers that we want to sync with a Podio app. We just need an automatic update from database to Podio. It should be something like Podio and Zendesk sincronization , where we can adjust the fields of both database and there is an update each time there are changes in Zendesk.

The main problem is that we do not know too much about Podio's functionallities. Could somebody, please, give us some guidelines?  

Jordi Cuenca

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Hi Jordi,

You can read a bit about the differences between workspace contacts and members at 

I think it's best for you if you get Podio setup the way you want with apps and such. Once you have Podio setup the way you want it will be much easier to see how to create the API integration that you want.

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes
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Hi Andreas.

Thank you for your answer.

I think, I already know the difference between members and contacts. However, I can't find anything about creating contacts in the API documentation. All I can find is something like "space contacts" and I am not sure about what are them. 

So, what I would like to do is quite easy: I've a database of people and I want to "send" them to Podio as contacts. When I began reading Podio's api documentation, I thought I could find something like a method with "put_contact" or "create_contact" but I did not. 

I hope the problem is clearer now.

Thank you!

Jordi Cuenca 0 votes
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