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Integration & Embedding

One of the bigger issues we're dealing with is the fact that all data is silo'd in each app. There's no way to move data from one app to another.

 I have 2 questions:

1) How can we embed additional HTML into an app's view? This would be nice to add external data, etc.

2) More specifically, how could we add custom buttons to app items that would trigger an external reference? I would like to create buttons like "copy to CRM", which would duplicate relevant contact data from a generalized web form app to the specific CRM app?



Andreas Huttenrauch Answered

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Hi Andreas,

The large text fields allows you to use a limited amount of HTML, but you cannot change the Podio user interface as such. Generally speaking it's usually best to use more fields instead of cramming more stuff into one field. This makes it easier to work with the data later. E.g. instead of adding some HTML into a large text field that has some text and a link to an external system it will be better to have the text in one field and the link in its own field.

For the scenario you describe in 2): You cannot add buttons to the Podio user interface, but you still have options. The simplest is to use a link field or small text field to add a link to your external system. People can then click the link to do whatever you want.


Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes

I think my question is somehow related:

Is there any way I can import data from 8 different spaces into one space - continuously? Each of our departments around the world has a workspace were they collect data. I would like all their data to appear in one common workspace as well.


Ida Hrönn Nielsen 0 votes

One app I've been playing around with lately is It can do multi-app integrations quite well, and has a powerful scripting option too.

Currently we use itduzzit to automatically publish an app item's email address as a comment to the item. This is nice to forward client emails to our CRM app etc. And this is done with email automation only. Podio sends an email when a new item is created to itduzzit telling it that it's been added to the item. itduzzit simply replies to the email with a text message offering the reply-to address.

If your CRM is supported by ItDuzzit, you could integrate directly, and if not, Andreas gave a good idea of just automatically adding a link that you can click to automate things.


Andreas Huttenrauch 0 votes