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Podio item delete error

I am using php library and trying to delete an item, following is my code



error_reporting(E_ALL | E_WARNING | E_NOTICE);

ini_set('display_errors', TRUE);

$api = Podio::instance(CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET);

try {

$api->authenticate('app', array('app_id' => APP_ID, 'app_token' => APP_TOKEN));



catch(PodioBadRequestError $e)


print $e->body; # Parsed JSON response from the API

print $e->status; # Status code of the response

print $e->url; # URI of the API request

print $e->body['error_description'];


its gives me an error, when i tried getRevisions its working fine. the error is


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PodioAuthorizationError' in E:\inetpub\addressbook_sync\lib\PodioAPI\PodioAPI.php:272 Stack trace: #0 E:\inetpub\addressbook_sync\lib\PodioAPI\PodioAPI.php(311): Podio->request('DELETE', '/item/21305658', Array) #1 E:\inetpub\addressbook_sync\lib\PodioAPI\areas\PodioItem.php(225): Podio->delete('/item/21305658') #2 E:\inetpub\addressbook_sync\test.php(19): PodioItem->delete(21305658) #3 {main} thrown in*E:\inetpub\addressbook_sync\lib\PodioAPI\PodioAPI.php on line 272*

Ajmal VH

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Guessing here: You are using App Authentication. This means that you can only delete items that were created through app authentication. I'm guessing this particular item was created by a user.

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen 0 votes
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Andreas, I ran into this problem a long time ago also, but had forgotten... finally searched for this hear... would you consider updating the following api error message:

The app with id 3091381 does not have the right delete on item with id 79114284

to this:

The app with id 3091381 does not have the right delete on item with id 79114284.  The item does not belong to this app or it may have been created by a user.

This will save others time in the future... :)

Patrick Steil 1 vote
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