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Get all spaces of organisation


Is it possible to get all available spaces of an organisation and get all apps of those spaces? Even if the user who is authenticated hasn't joined those spaces?

I'm building a timetracking app to show me the billable hours per person. I have many workspaces with an app called "Timesheets", I need the items of those apps and the items of the app referenced by the timesheets, most of the time "Deliverables".

So I want to loop over all spaces, over all apps in these spaces and look for an app called "Timesheets". I'll get all the items of that app and see what "Deliverable" app is referenced so I can see what hours are billable or not.

I got it working for all spaces I joined myself, but I don't want to join all spaces myself. I'm organisation admin, so I think it should be possible for the admin to see all spaces in the API (maybe even private ones?).

Thanks for your help.

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Peter van den Broek

Peter van den Broek Answered

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Spaces can open or they can be invite-only. When they are open, anyone who is a member of the organization employee network can join them. You can get a list of all open spaces in an org using Get available spaces.

Spaces that are invite-only are only visible to you if you are a member of them, and you can only become a member by getting invited by an existing member. That also goes for org admins.

If you can, you should make the spaces open - then you can easily let any user join them through the API using Join space. If not, I'm afraid you will have to ask users to add you - or a user specifically for you app - to the spaces when they create them. 

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Thanks for your answer!

I'll let the authorized user join the available spaces automatically and leave them when the sync process is done.

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