• Patrick Steil

    Can you elaborate?  For us the perfect CRM is to use Podio directly to build it... :)

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  • Christoffer Tellefsen

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    We are trying to build the crm apps for our company but I have a hard time building it.

    We are a course and project center and I'm struggling with the following problems: 

    1. Then the event is done. How the mark it closed and delete it from the reports?
    2. We are dealing with both companies and individuals and I do have some problems with this.
    3. And I think I'm looking for some exsampels and good ideas to build the best overview and more intuitive CRM in Podio.

    I do like the system but I'm just looking for a simpel solution to solve our needs. Do you have some ideas?

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  • Stephan Vierkant
    1. Use categories, i.e. 'status' (open, closed, archived, etc.)
    2. What's the problem?
    3. Have you tried some apps from the market?
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  • Andreas Huttenrauch

    I recently published a step-by-step tutorial series on how to build the perfect CRM with Podio and PodioMail in case anyone is interested:

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