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Confused by rate limit

I am using an automated system for creating and updating Podio items using the PHP client.

Today, having set the automation running I was calling item->create approximately every 15 seconds.

On call number 126 which was 31 minutes and 32 seconds after the first, I got the rate_limit error.

I had used item->create & item->update earlier in the day, but I would have expected them to have timed out before this.

So I am confused - what is the exact limit? I had thought it was 250 per hour and had set my timing according.

Does app authentication count as a rate-limited step?

While I am in an unusual circumstance today of setting up a new system which requires many new items, I still want to understand the limits so I can be sure to avoid them in the future.

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Hi Sarah

The authentication also counts towards the rate limit. You should however save your access and refresh token so you don't have to do authentication before each call.

If you create a support ticket, I can increase your rate limit for you also.


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That explains it. I am using app authentication and didn't realise that I could store the access & refresh tokens for that authentication method.

No need to worry about increasing my rate limit - I am just having a one-off problem with initial setup and I have slowed down the updates so I don't hit the existing limits.

You guys give great support!

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