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item external_id behaviors


I'm trying to set the external_id of an item using the API and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Can the external_id only contain strings? I tried to set it to a integer but it threw an error. This isn't a problem, just need a clear response.

  2. It seems the external_id only gets set if the fields-array is sent along. Is this correct?

  3. It seems the external_id only gets updated if a field value is changed as well. Nothing happens if I update the external_id but keeps the fields as is (even if a send the fields along). Is this correct? 


Carl-Fredrik Herö Answered

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  1. The external_id must be formatted as a string when submitted to the API. So "1234" or "my-external-id" works, whereas just 1234 will give you an error.
  2. and 3. Looking at the API code, I think the external_id is actually updated, but the cache is not flushed if you only change the external_id, making it appear as if the external_id was not updated. If this is the case, it's a bug and we will make sure to get it fixed.
Casper Fabricius 0 votes

Ok, thanks Casper! Could you give me a heads up when you know if it's a bug or not and when/if it will be solved. I consider a field for this data instead but the external id would be more suitable since it shouldn't be editable inside Podio.

Carl-Fredrik Herö 0 votes