Use Podio to login on external page (OpenID)




  • Casper Fabricius

    Yes we do. Not OpenID though, but OAuth. Read about it here:

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  • Hendrik Wiese

    Yeah, alright. I've already seen that, but I don't really understand how to use that with a ASP.NET MVC based website.

    I understand that OAuth is a service to provide access to user data on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Podio. A login service for external pages would use OpenID instead, wouldn't it? So how would I implement a login system using OAuth?

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  • Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

    OAuth is an authorization framework, it doesn't deal with the following exchange of data that may happen. If you want to use Podio to give your users access authorizing via OAuth should be sufficient.

    E.g. Run your users through the server-side flow that Casper linked to. If they come back with a valid OAuth access token you can safely assume that you are talking to a specific Podio user.

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