Need to get a list of work spaces using PyPodio




  • Casper Fabricius

    To be honest we haven't had much activity around PyPodio. It seems that many Python developers are used to just doing REST requests directly. However, we have had it on our list for a long time to get some more of the core API functionality supported by PyPodio.  "Get orgs" is definitely a core function.

    So we will look at getting that and some more into PyPodio in a few weeks, but until then you can either use the transport layer provided in the client to call API method directly, or you can clone the repository and implement the parts of the Organization area you need yourself. Pull requests are very welcome.

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  • Anchit kalra

    :( Not really a python developer. Was trying to learn the language while developing this application.Oh well, will try to contribute something. 

    BTW you guys should start using the Citrix internal IM. Would be much easier to bug you guys there. :)

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