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get an item by field not working


I'm trying to get an item bsed on a value but it doesn't seem to work no matter what...

My app is LeadTracker, and I am trying to add items (leads) after they fill a form on my website. I am trying to avoid adding the same user twice, so I was trying to make a verification if already exists a lead having the same email address.

I've tried both the sandbox and from my code. Other requests (such as create item) work fine.

I had tried both using the external id of a field and the internal id (and btw, the only way I could find out the numeric id was by clling get all items ( - it took a while because there's no reference about this anywhere).

This error I get from the sandbox: 

{"error_propagate"=>false, "error_parameters"=>{}, "error_detail"=>nil, "error_description"=>"Only valid for fields of type 'app'", "error"=>"Only valid for fields of type 'app'"}


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Virgil Chiriac Answered

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As the documentation says, the "Find items by field and title" operation only works for app reference fields. Thus you can't use it to search for an email in a text field. 

If you want to search items, you should use "Get items":

If the text field holding the email has id 123 and the email you want to check for is, you would invoke "Get items" with ? and check if you get anything back.

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i'm trying to make an autocomplete input field that searches the address items of a podio app so i need to search items using wildcards.

When using PodioItem::filter i could only search e.g the address title when providing the complete title. And with PodioItem::search_field which should search an item by item field as the name of the function implies, i get the error "Only valid for fields of type 'app'". Does that mean that i can only search app fields with PodioItem::search_field?

How can i accomplish to search item fields with wildcards and which function do i need to use?

thnx alex

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