get an item by field not working




  • Casper Fabricius

    As the documentation says, the "Find items by field and title" operation only works for app reference fields. Thus you can't use it to search for an email in a text field. 

    If you want to search items, you should use "Get items":

    If the text field holding the email has id 123 and the email you want to check for is, you would invoke "Get items" with ? and check if you get anything back.

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  • Virgil Chiriac

    ah! finally! Thank you, it works.

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  • Alex Kolb


    i'm trying to make an autocomplete input field that searches the address items of a podio app so i need to search items using wildcards.

    When using PodioItem::filter i could only search e.g the address title when providing the complete title. And with PodioItem::search_field which should search an item by item field as the name of the function implies, i get the error "Only valid for fields of type 'app'". Does that mean that i can only search app fields with PodioItem::search_field?

    How can i accomplish to search item fields with wildcards and which function do i need to use?

    thnx alex

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