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Assigning tasks to users with app auth?

I'm trying to create a task using the API and the app authentication (this is an automated script). It's fine if I don't assign it to a user but as soon as I fill in the responsible attribute I get the error message:

"Must be at least light on user 618362 to perform this operation"

How can I do that with app auth?


Carl-Fredrik Herö Answered

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I know we support app authentication for tasks, but it actually doesn't make much sense in this case. Users are connected to other users through shared spaces, that how we determine if one user can see and e.g. assign a task to another user.

But with app authentication you are actually "signed in" as the app, and the app can't see any users at all. For this reason it is not possible to assign tasks to anyone with app authentication. Instead, you should authenticate as a user when creating tasks through the API.

We do see the value of being able to work with tasks using app authentication, and will look further into the possibilities of making a sensible permission model for apps in regards to tasks.

Casper Fabricius 0 votes

Ok, so that leaves me with the username, password authentication, since there is no browser involved. 

I can't the problem with apps being able to assign tasks to user the current workspace. Also, there shouldn't be to much risk of spamming users since only developers will be able to create these kind of tasks.

Carl-Fredrik Herö 0 votes