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App Reference field in Webform does not show all records

When creating a webform, one of the app fields I want to include in the webform is an app reference field.  When displayed on the webform, its a dropdown field to select the referenced record.  However, not all of the records are included in the dropdown list.  It shows only a portion of the records and I can't figure out why.  

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Shawn Bascom Answered

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Hey Shawn,

Currently we have a limit of 300 items that can appear in the app reference dropdown in a webform. This is a known limitation, I'm afraid.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes

I urgently need this for a servicedesk webform. Users have to select their name and there are around 500 entries... how to solve this ? Or what workaround do you propose ?

Marc Decroos 0 votes

Same problem here - we have a list of circa 700 people on our contractor database and we want them to select their name from a list.

Suggestion to Podio - assuming the 300 item limitation is to stop excessive calls on the server - load the first 300, then add an option to call the next 300 records at the bottom of that list.

Pete Cuff 0 votes

Hi guys,

I'm very excited to announce that we've just released the powerful new webforms in Podio!

The new webforms has many new tricks up it's sleeve.. It includes all the additional fields that we've added to the field toolbox lately, such as the phone, email and location fields. It also let's you add items into related apps directly! This comes with a new slick design, and any previous limitations are far gone. This means that you can now see all items in a relationship field for example, as we discussed here.

And that's not all..learn more and see how it looks here:

Let me know what you thinks and if you have questions on how it works always feel free to get in touch :-)

/Charlie - Podio

Charlie Lindstrom 0 votes