Can I assign Tasks to a Specific Project AND Deliverable?



  • Hey Joey,

    You can only attach tasks to one item at the time - so project or deliverable. If you like to attach a task to both you can consider to build a task app and use the app reference instead to link the task to both project and deliverable?

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Briana Woody

    I too would like to link a task to multiple items, but can't find info on how to create a "task app" you mention. I have monthly billing that goes to a client for multiple projects, so I'd like to link the one billing task to multiple items (call it "project" or "deliverable", it doesn't matter) for all services for that client. I'll keep researching how to build task apps because I see different task triggers from different apps I've installed and am curious how they work.

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