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Reports on data from multiple workspaces

I think the answer is no, but interested to hear if there are plans to be able to run reports against data across multiple work spaces. As an example, I have 3 workspaces and aggregated data from 2 workspaces into one via application references. The applications in workspace 1 and 2 have references to an application in workspace 3. When I look at my app in workspace 3 I see references from both applications, but i cannot view them together. "see all related items" takes me to each individual workspace. Ideally, I'd like to see and create reports/filters from app references in one view across multiple workspaces. Is that possible or on the radar?

Chris Straight

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Thanks for the input guys, keep adding your votes :)

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen
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I would love an answer to this one as well. We have the different workspaces for different clients, but would like to aggregate reports on all of these clients. Is there going to be an option, or do we need to look for different solutions?

Bruce Scott 1 vote
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Still relevant!
I have one core workspace with all my team members.
And everyone has their own workspaces.
How can they all report into the core workspace?
It would be amazing to collect all reports not only in employee network but also in other workspaces.

Viola Schenkel 3 votes
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This is an important requirement since Workspaces are the key method for restricting external clients to view data - we need a way of aggregating data across clients.

Ambiente Admin 2 votes
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Any movement on this? We have a workspace for each client and I'm being driven slightly mad by having to go to each workspace for reports and status. We really need a god-view that aggregates everything into one report. 

Michelle Newcome 2 votes
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Same here.  Its cumbersome to manage a client per workspace. 

Derek Anderson 3 votes
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Serban Dinu 7 votes
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