Can a deliverable be created from a project?



  • Gustav Jonsson

    Hey Steve, thanks for the request. 

    I totally hear you on this, and it is something that we have discussed internally as well. 

    No timeframe for it though, but it's on our lists.

    /Gustav - Podio

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  • Mike Najera

    My two cents...

    I would love this functionality as well, except for any form within Podio.  What I envision is in the App Builder (modify app), you could simply drag a new option bar (possibly a button) that could be configured to create a new form when clicked.  You could customize the text of the button as well (separate field).  

    To configure the button:  You would simply select the appropriate app from a list.  once saved, the button would create a new form everytime the button was pressed.  If you needed multiple forms linked to a could simply add/drag more button-fields in modify app and choose which form to create upon selection.

    Ultimately, what it would do is create a new form (task, sale, project, etc.) and link it to the document you are currently on.  Hope this makes sense.

    This would make everyone's workflow so much smoother, and remove the need to back-link everything to keep things tied together.

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  • Mike Najera

    One more cent.....

    As an alternative to the above, it would be great to be able to define "widgets" next to forms.  For example:  Let's say I have a Contacts app where I keep all leads, customers, and vendors.  It would be great to create a contact and save it, then later on If I need to create an opportunity for this contact, I could simply go to my contact and find that option (similar to the Add TASK that appear on the right when in the contact form).  It would work by allowing the user to define which apps can be related to said form.  Like "Add Project", "Add Opportunity", Add Sale, Add complaint, Add Survey, etc....and of course "Add Task".

    Use:  Everytime you wanted to do something associated to this contact, you would simply open their contact record and select the related app you wanted to fill out (which then automatically relates/associates them together).

    Being able to then look at a contact and see every document associated with them would be amazing!

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